Kevin Bacon, critically-acclaimed and beloved actor has long been the focus of the parlor game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon where players connect any one actor to Kevin Bacon by linking them through film and TV roles. Finally acknowledging the pop culture phenomenon, Bacon embraced the amusing game and the larger Six Degrees of Separation theory to create a social networking community that would be used to make a difference. www.sixdegrees.org was created in 2006 by Kevin Bacon, in partnership with Network For Good (www.networkforgood.org) Through the www.sixdegreees.org website, you can support your favorite charities (by either donating funds or creating fundraising badges) as well as learning about the charitable causes supported by others on the social networking site, including celebrities. One of the celebrities listed at www.sixdegrees.org is Jon Bon Jovi and, naturally, his charity is the Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation. This is the “badge” for Jon Bon Jovi: By visiting this site and clicking on the Jon Bon Jovi badge, visitors to www.sixdegrees.org learn about the Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation and are given the opportunity to donate directly to the cause. Social networking with a social conscience. Every little bit helps. Please visit www.sixdegrees.org and click on the Celebrity Badges until you find Jon Bon Jovi’s. You can then copy the badge to your website or blog, or link to that badge… and you can help spread the word about Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation.

For more information about Six Degrees and to create a badge CLICK HERE.