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FSN Detroit and SATURN Hands on Homes at build site.
Along with Habitat for Humanity Detroit local volunteers and homeowners, Detroit area volunteers from Saturn’s Hands on Homes program are participating in the hard work needed to erect the structures. This past Saturday, August 9th, the local Fox Sports News team was on site, reporting on and working on two of the planned homes.

FSN has with them a camera crew and photographer documenting the work the FSN staffers did; FSN later aired a short piece on featuring their team’s involvement in the Soul-Saturn-Habitat homebuild during the broadcast of the Detroit Tigers’ evening home game.

FSN plans to produce a longer, progressive story following the build that will eventually air on FSN Detroit during future Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings broadcasts (pre-game, in-game and post-game) leading up to the completion of the homes and the Thanksgiving celebration.

Many personnel from FSN Detroit, including on-air personalities Mickey York, Mario Impemba and Trevor Thompson, participated in the build, and spent an amazing day working hard to help the top floor walls up on two homes.

FSN Detroit and Saturn Hands On Homes volunteers at work in Detroit, August 9th.

THANK YOU to all the SATURN Hands on homes volunteers and THANK YOU to our friends at FOX SPORTS NEWS DETROIT who helped us change the Detroit community one sould at a time by giving of themselves this past weekend.