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Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund & United Policyholders Partner to Help Homeowners Facing NFIP April Deadline with “Last Chance Webinar”

WHEN: Wednesday, March 26th 12:30pm ET – 1:30pm ET

HOW: Register online at

WHY: Residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy and insured by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are facing an April 28, 2014 deadline for submitting all proof of loss documents and complying with NFIP claim requirements. Homeowners who have not appealed or filed additional forms and proof of damages by this deadline will lose the right to challenge their NFIP settlement. The NFIP has very specific rules related to damage claims. A property owner must follow the NFIPs rules on submitting proofs of loss and supporting documentation. Through this webinar, homeowners, lawyers and contractors have the opportunity to become familiar with these specific rules and deadlines that apply to NFIP claims, including laws that come into play when a dispute arises. Property owners who do not use the right NFIP forms and/or complete them accurately and/or submit them on time will lose the right to recover additional benefits on their Sandy claims.

HOSTED BY: United Policyholders in partnership with the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

About the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund
Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund Inc. is a private independent charitable organization, not formed or controlled by, or affiliated with the State of New Jersey or any of its agencies or offices. The Fund is chaired by New Jersey First Lady Mary Pat Christie and has granted more than $25.7 million to over 90 non-profit organizations active in Sandy recovery efforts. As a New Jersey non-profit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), the Fund has received a determination letter from the IRS and is registered with the Charities Registration and Investigation Section of the Division of Consumer Affairs under the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey.

About the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
The NFIP is a hybrid government and private insurance company run by a division of FEMA under the oversight of Congress. Federal – not state laws – govern NFIP policies and claims handling. That means residents cannot turn to the New Jersey Department of Insurance for help.

About United Policyholders (UP)
UP is a non-profit insurance consumer organizations with 20 years of experience helping people navigate insurance and recover from disasters.