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New Homeowners Move into Homes Rebuilt by JBJSF and Saint Joseph’s Carpenters Society

On June 29th, 2010 one of the homes that the Soul Foundation has helped to rebuild was sold to Angela (pictured above, taken at the closing table). When SJCS spoke with Angela, a nurse’s aide, following her first weekend in her house, she had already painted some of the walls to make the home feel more like hers! She specifically chose this house because of the hardwood floors that funding from the Soul Foundation allowed Saint Joseph’s Carpenter Society to install. Her son has terrible asthma and she was excited to find a house with the hardwood floors.

A buyer has also been identified for another home that the Soul Foundation helped restore. Luis has been working with the SJCS program for over 5 years, with the goal being to buy a home. A security guard, and currently living in the basement of his mother’s house in Camden, he is excited to be buying this house which will allow him to reunite his family. The SJCS is working with Luis to buy this house next week by taking advantage of home buyer assistance programs.

With these two houses sold, that leaves one of the Soul Foundation supported homes left to go which SJCS will now be working on full time. All of the demolition has been completed, which was performed by a majority of volunteer crews. SJCS has already identified a buyer for this house, a family who has been working with SJCS to prepare for this next step in owning their own home.

Congratulations to all of our new homeowners – we know it has been a long process and we salute your perseverance and vision!

New Homeowners Move into Homes Rebuilt by JBJSF and Saint Joseph's Carpenters Society
The photo above includes new homeowner Angela, with her friend, Rosie (mortgage counselor for SJCS) and Richard, owner of Collegiate Title Agency, where the closing took place

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