Mimi Box

Vice President, JBJ Soul Foundation

Mimi Box was a charter member of the Board of Directors of the Soul Foundation. Her relationship with other members of the Soul Foundation’s Board began through her position with the Philadelphia Soul. Mimi was responsible for overseeing all business and financial aspects of the Arena Football team. After achieving her goal of establishing the overall financial direction of the team to ensure stability for the AFL in the Philadelphia market, she worked with ownership to select her successor in that position.

Prior to her involvement with the Soul, Mimi spent sixteen seasons in the front office of the Philadelphia Eagles. She first joined the Eagles in 1983 and advanced through numerous positions with added responsibilities ending her NFL career as Senior Vice President/CFO in March of 1999.  Mimi was one of the few financial officers in the NFL to have served under three ownerships.

Mimi served as treasurer of The Eagles Charitable Foundation, Inc. (Eagles Youth Partnership), the Eagles’ highly acclaimed non-profit, charitable wing from its inception in 1995 through 2009.  Mimi also served for many years on the board of The Corporate Alliance for Drug Education (“CADE”), a not-for-profit corporation reaching out to young children while still in elementary school helping them to build the skills needed to make decisions to resist drug use.

Prior to joining the Eagles, Mimi worked for the Internal Revenue Service as a special agent in the Criminal Investigation Division. During this time she was selected for the position of Federal Women’s Program Coordinator, an Equal Employment Opportunity advisory position. During the next three years, she served in two managerial roles in the IRS Mid-Atlantic Regional Office and the Wilmington District Office.

Mimi lives with her husband, Bob, in the West Chester, PA and has two children, Lauren and Dan.