In Jon’s Own Words: What I Learned

In just the four years since our Foundation began its work, we saw the faces of those experiencing homelessness change, thus our recent investment in projects that benefit veterans, youth and families.

When Jon began his Circle Tour, he saw it as an opportunity to explore the causes and issues, as well as resources and strategies at work around the country. Here, in his own words, he shares what he learned, how the people he met validated the work we do, and most of all how they touched his heart and SOUL.

Just like the Tour site visits were stops along the way; our Foundation’s journey to combat homelessness has just begun. We thank you for your ongoing support of our Mission.


Mimi Box, Executive Director
Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation

Please click HERE to watch the video and listen to Jon’s reflection on the places he visited, the people he met, and the affect it had on him

Please Click HERE to listen to the full audio and more in-depth recounts about his visits