Thank You For Supporting Our Eco-Blanket Donation Campaign

Project H.O.M.E. opened its innovative pilot program, Hub of Hope, this winter on the concourse of Philadelphia’s Suburban Station. Hub of Hope proved to be a valuable access point for many chronically homeless persons to connect to services, including medical and behavioral health care and housing placements. A collaborative effort among Project H.O.M.E. and several other partner agencies across the city, the Hub of Hope is a special drop-in center located in the downtown subway concourses, making it more accessible and welcoming for many of the most vulnerable persons experiencing chronic homelessness. They are targeting individuals living in the concourse who have long histories of living on the street. This winter, the Hub of Hope was able to assist 355 unique individuals who came in for services such as on-site case management, certified peer specialist support, medical care, and behavioral health care. For more information, please visit their website: www.projecthomeblog.org

Joseph’s House opened for the second winter in a row this year. Located in Camden, NJ, Joseph’s House is a non-profit dedicated to caring for the homeless by reaching out to the increasing number of women & men that are sleeping on the streets, under highway overpasses, and in abandoned buildings. The goals of Joseph’s House are to provide a safe, warm & hospitable drop-in center for the homeless and also to connect them with area social service providers who can offer more permanent solutions and care. Through the 2011 winter season they provided 4,410 meals, in addition to reaching capacity – 45 guests – almost every night. This year they continue their mission of providing a safe place to stay, nourishment and clothing, and opportunities to build relationships leading to more permanent solutions for the homeless. For more information on Joseph’s House, please visit their website: www.josephshouseofcamden.org

Thank You For Supporting Our Eco-blanket Donation Campaign Thank You For Supporting Our Eco-blanket Donation Campaign Thank You For Supporting Our Eco-blanket Donation Campaign
Patrons of Joseph’s House receiving JBJSF blankets donated by our supporters

Covenant House is dedicated to working with youth and has recently opened their Camden location. Covenant House outreach workers took to the streets to find and reach out to youth who were in need of help. While out on the street they distributed blankets to those they encountered who were sleeping on the streets at night or those who are living in Camden’s Tent City. One of Covenant House’s outreach workers said “All of the individuals we encountered on the streets of Camden, and whom we provided a blanket to, expressed their gratitude. Please let the donors know how grateful we are of their thoughtfulness and that their donation went to some of the homeless individuals in the City of Camden.” For more information on Covenant House, please visit their website: www.covenanthouse.org

Thank You For Supporting Our Eco-blanket Donation Campaign
Covenant House’s Father Steven with a young man he spoke to on the street. This young man, whose face is turned to protect his identity, as well as a young lady who did not want to have her photograph taken each received a blanket.

Thank you for supporting our Eco-blanket donation campaign. Together WE can make a difference…one SOUL at a time!