First Time Homebuyer Moves into Heart of Camden Home Funded by JBJSF

First Time Homebuyer Moves into Heart of Camden Home Funded by JBJSF

“Hi my name is Chimere and I have 3 kids. Just a year ago things were very hard for me. I tried as a Mother to be the best Mother for my kids. I also was receiving General Assistance through the struggle. I wanted to attend Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) classes which would cost $1300. I was asking around to see if I could get help with the payment, and with someone’s help within 2 days I had a sponsor and the sponsor was Mrs. Helene Pierson from Heart of Camden.

During my struggle I was living in a house where the landlord did not want to fix anything. Mold was growing through the whole house. I finished the CNA classes and as of Nov. 7, 2012. It’s been a year for me working as a CNA which also helped me to get where I am today in life. I now have a house from the Heart of Camden. When I received the great news that on Oct. 1 I would be moving to a new and improved house from the Heart of Camden, all I could do was thank God for blessing me and my kids with a brand new house.”

We thank Chimere for sharing her family’s story with us and are proud to have been a part of helping her and her children find a safe home to call their own. We wish them all the best!

Affordable housing is not out of reach so long as families are given the tools and opportunity to become successful homeowners. Heart of Camden provides homeownership counseling and guidance through the mortgage process plus support for new homeowners moving into Waterfront South. A strong organization supporting strong homeowners builds a monumental sense of community in the neighborhood. For more information on Heart of Camden, please visit their website: heartofcamden.org

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