Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later

What is very evident in each community are the bonds formed between volunteers and residents in the aftermath of the storm. We heard stories from residents who over the course of the past year experienced shock and despair – as well as hope and overwhelming kindnesses from people around the country they did not even know before the storm hit.

We, once again, had the opportunity to thank those first responders who put their lives in harms way to save others. Jon Bon Jovi remembers those first hours after the storm in Sea Bright, and fittingly that was one of our stops today where we got to see the volunteer efforts still underway.

Jon Bon Jovi commented: “A year to the day we continue to thank all the first responders and our neighbors in New York and New Jersey for being there for each other in our time of need. This photo (below) is of 2 vehicles we purchased for responders to help serve our community and yours.” – JBJ

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Thanks to all who continue to serve these communities!
-Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation